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MPPT Error Lights - Troubleshooting & LED Definitions
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Victron MPPT Charge Controllers

Note: We recommend downloading the Victron Toolkit App for the most up-to-date information while troubleshooting. Victron also has additional information on MPPT Solar Charger Error Codes you may find useful.

The MPPT charge controllers reformat the power coming from the solar array and feed it to the battery bank in a safe way without overcharging.

Remember the stages of battery charging:

  • Bulk = Regular, Charging at the maximum potential rate
  • Absorption/Accept = Charging tapers off as the battery nears full charge
  • Float = Maintains battery at slightly above resting voltage, any charge goes directly to your loads as needed
  • *Rebulk = Once the battery voltage is down far enough, the battery can restart the cycle in Bulk (This happens when the loads exceed your charging rate for long enough)

With that in mind, here are the top 3 issues we see and how to fix them.

I'm seeing low solar output, is it working?

Are your batteries already full? Check your battery history using your VictronConnect app. This should show you your loads and your solar input. Remember, if your batteries are full (in Float), they cannot accept more charge.

Battery charging stages explained by Garret Towne:

Can I add more panels to my system?

This is a fairly complex assessment, but there are some basic rules to keep in mind:

1. Total panel wattage must not exceed the controller's maximum wattage rating.

2. Total array voltage and amperage must not exceed controller rating.

3. Existing wiring must be of sufficient gauge for the additional amperage.

4. Panels must be compatible, matching voltages for parallel connections.

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