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Which alternator kit should I use?
Last Updated 3 years ago

We recommend the Cyrix with three or more batteries because it creates a direct connection to the batteries, which can result in a high current charge. The lithium batteries have a charging limit that would be exceeded by a direct connection with less than three batteries.

Mercedes Sprinter Owners:

If you are getting a Mercedes, they have a rule in their warranty documentation recommending against drawing more than 40A for a secondary battery bank. For the owners of these rigs that care about warranties, or think there might be a legitimate reason for this limitation, we recommend an Orion 30A DC/DC charger kit. (Orion 12|12 30 Kit)

Dodge ProMaster/Ford Transit Owners:

For everyone else, Transit, or Promaster owners, with more than 300Ah of lithium and an alternator rated for at least 160A, we recommend this kit that uses a Victron Cyrix smart combiner relay. This will give you about 150A of charging current, but it only takes batteries up to about 80% SoC. If you can do this, we don’t recommend a secondary alternator, because 150A is substantial. (230A With Boost)

If you feel stuck with the 30A DC/DC charger, think it’s not enough, and want to pay to get more current, We do recommend a Nations 280A Smart Alternator system. These cost about $2,000 in equipment and maybe another $2,000 to install. We have done a handful of these. They take your batteries right up to 100% SoC very quickly. They are awesome, but expensive.

For trailers with lithium batteries, the options are limited but we generally recommend the Cyrix kit. Note that you only get a maximum of around 15A of charging through the 7-pin connector.

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