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TPO Roof: Mounting Recommendations & Tips
Last Updated 3 years ago

TPO Roof Installs "Rubber Roofs"

TPO roof installs: With a TPO roof, we recommend using screw fasteners for the mounting hardware, being careful not to over-torque the screws. In fact, if you're not properly trained on the use of cordless drills and impact drivers, there is the risk of stripping. You just want the screw to snug, then STOP! Afterward, bury the entire footing in Dicor Sealant.

Do not use Sikaflex on TPO roofs.

My TPO had a bad reaction to Dicor, is this normal?

Yes! It is very common. To avoid it we use a small amount around the feet and let that off gas for several hours before applying the rest of the sealant. If the customer is applying too much it will have a big impact on how much area of TPO is affected. On these roofs we also use Simple Green, not alcohol, to clean the roofs and for the same reason. Use manufacturer recommended cleaner.

The tape creates a great seal. Over time it will attach to the TPO as well. Remember butyl tape doesn't adhere either, the holding power comes from the screws the tape is for sealing.


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