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Why can't I connect to my device with Victron Connect?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Be aware, the app works best when only one device is connected, choose one device and stick with it. Another thing to note, the Victron Connect app works best on Apple devices. Past customers with older Android technology have had difficulties, but if you have up-to-date technology, it should not be an issue.

Unless otherwise changed, for the initial connection with Victron devices, the six-digit passcode is 000000. Emojis are not an appropriate passcode.

I upgraded my phone and can’t connect now, what’s going on? Everything was fine up to this point. I have deleted the Victrom app and reinstalled. I also restarted my iPhone. I tried 0000 and 000000 without success.

You need to be entering in the PUK codes for those devices. Those codes are printed on the components themselves. On the BMVs it's on the back of the head. On solar chargers it's on the side and visible without dismounting the component.

The Victron connect app uses 6 zeros as a generic password but we have found that if you don't set a password after some time new devices cannot connect even with the generic password.

What you will need to do to reset the password is to use the PUK number which is printed next to the part number PN# on the label on the devices.

In the device list of the Victron Connect app, you will see 3 dots on the right of each device.

  • Click on the button to the right of the device you want to reset the password on. then click reset password with PUK or whatever it says. 
  • Then enter the corresponding PUK number for that device and it will reset allowing you to enter 6 zeros again. 
  • We would recommend changing the passcode to something easy to remember just so this doesn't happen again.

Note: If you're still having difficulties, try "forgetting" the device in your device's Bluetooth software.

For detailed troubleshooting instructions, see the definitive Victron support page here:

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