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Residential Panels
Last Updated 2 years ago

Can I use larger "residential" (60 cell "24 volt") panels on my rig?

We are just not keen on installing these larger residential type solar panels on an RV, because the frames are not designed for the rigors of an 'earthquake on wheels', and will likely void the warranties on these panels. In some circumstances, it can be an advantage to use a single larger wattage panel (i.e., small truck camper in northern latitudes); however, we always insist on doubling up the L feet (back-to-back) if using a 4-point mounting strategy.

Typically, we prefer to avoid the larger residential type panels (265+W) for the following reasons:

  • The larger panels tend to flex more under vibration which can lead to fractures in the cells.
  • The larger panels are harder to mount.
  • Higher voltage panels don’t get along well with smaller, lower voltage panels.

That being said, we can build a system around any panels you want, and many people are happy with their residential panels on RVs.

We don’t sell these larger panels, but I believe has good deals on larger panels. What makes it a good deal is the free shipping. Shipping panels is very expensive.

If you were interested in smaller panels, we would go with 6x Rich Solar 200W panels. We can get you a custom quote on that system, and it would be similar to this:

If you still want to use the larger panels, let us know, and we’ll get you a quote on the hardware needed for that.

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