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Inverter/Charger Settings (Victron Multiplus and Quattros)
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Inverter/Charger Settings

Specifically, we'll talk about the Victron Multiplus and Quattro inverter/chargers. For the physical switch on the device, leave it in the "On" position. 

If you're using a Touch 50 Monitor, you can access the inverter system settings by doing the following:

  1. Tap the screen so the options bar on the bottom display
  2. Click "Menu"
  3. Click the device list
  4. Select your inverter system

On the inverter system settings page, you'll see the Inverter/Charger settings have different "switch" options. Here is what they mean:

  • Off: This state is typically used when your system or rig is in storage
  • Charger Only: In this state, the inverter won't draw DC power; use for shore power passthrough
  • Inverter Only: In this state, the system acts as though it doesn't have shore power connection. This setting is not often used, but it can help with troubleshooting
  • On: In this state, all inverter functionality is enabled whether boondocking or on shore power

Cody demonstrates these states and options during this system walkthrough (on a Touch 50 Monitor):

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